10 years of ARA

The audio interface ARA Audio Random Access has raised the interaction between compatible DAWs and plug-ins to a new level. Now this important standard is ten years old.

ARA Audio Random Access expands existing plug-in interfaces to include a “musical information channel”. Thanks to ARA, DAWs and plug-ins can exchange information about things like the notes, tempos and chords being used. ARA also provides direct access to all audio files, as well as making new functions and workflow improvements possible – especially for arranging and comping.

ARA was developed by Celemony in collaboration with PreSonus Software and was presented for the first time in the fall of 2011, with Melodyne 1.3 and Studio One 2 operating in tandem. The seamless interaction and the new workflows were received with enthusiasm and soon ARA was being supported by other manufacturers of both DAWs and plug-ins.

For more information, please see 10 years of ARA at the Celemony website.