PreSonus Audioloop File Format

The PreSonus Audioloop format is a container for storing audio together with musical meta data like tempo and slicing information. It is solely based on other widely adopted open standards which makes it straight forward to implement in existing music software applications.

A special flavor of this format called PreSonus Musicloop adds the benefit of preserving musical performance data together with instrument and effect preset data.

ARA Audio Random Access

ARA Audio Random Access is a pioneering extension for existing audio plug-in interfaces co-developed by Celemony and PreSonus. ARA expands the communication between plug-in and DAW, allowing the plug-in for the first time musical access to the audio data.

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PreSonus Plug-In Extensions

Studio One supports audio plug-ins in VST2, VST3, ReWire and AU format. These technologies are maintained by their respective owners and you have to download the appropriate SDK separately. Additionally, Studio One supports host-specific extensions to the original SDKs:
  • NEW: Gain reduction reporting to the host application (Studio One 3 and later)
  • NEW: High DPI scaling notifications for plug-in GUIs on Windows (Studio One 3 and later) - check out this screenshot taken at 200% scaling to compare the size of high-DPI-enabled GUIs vs. standard resolution.

  • Access context information like channel names, colors, etc. (Studio One 2.6 and later).
  • Per-parameter commands for audio plug-ins related to automation and mapping to control surfaces.
  • Support for embedding plug-in views into the single-window work environment of Studio One.
    A good example is the ARA-enabled version of Celemony's Melodyne which appears at the same place
    as the built-in editors, without the standard plug-in header controls.
  • Support for sizable plug-in editors in VST2 using a similar mimic to VST3.

Other software manufacturers supporting PreSonus Plug-In Extensions:

DISCLAIMER: The PreSonus Plug-In Extensions are host-specific extensions of existing proprietary technologies, provided to the community on an AS IS basis. They are not part of any official 3rd party SDK and PreSonus is not affiliated with the owner of the underlying technology in any way.